Significant in house capabilities.


Our team is eager to engage with you and succeed.


Where should we start.


Keep it simple - DFM, supply chain, validation, packaging, labeling, sterilization, distribution.


All decisions to result in the most efficient path to your product.

Welcome to I-Tek Medical - Let's do something great together!


I-Tek Medical Technologies is an industry leader for contract design, development and manufacturing services.

If your goal is to decrease development time, increase speed to market, obtain assistance with product design, and partner with a credible, experienced medical manufacturing team, then I-Tek Medical Technologies is your solution.

I-Tek Medical Technologies’ is committed to providing high quality products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements by maintaining the effectiveness of the quality management system.

I-Tek is a proud member and supporter of the Medical Alley Association.medicalalley


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